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Joan D. Kehoe

I am committed to increasing the experience of harmony and healing for all beings.

 Improving Harmony and Health For People and their Pets

My mission is to be a rising tide that raises all boats; to focus  love and light, peace, joy and ease, harmony and health for the greater good of all living beings and the planet as a whole. I am an energy healer, an animal and nature communicator and counselor.


I am able translate communications from animals or other beings of nature for humans to promote greater understanding and unity of purpose.

I offer energy healing to facilitate the balance of thoughts, emotions and physical molecules to people and their pets to facilitate increased energy flow and improved vitality.

I have learned to ask effective questions to draw out the innate wisdom of each individual to assist with: 

  • greater clarity of communication

  • decreased anxiety and depression

  • improved trust and understanding in relationships

  • aligning soul's intentions with thoughts, feelings and actions

  • manifestation of heart's desires


phone: 541-520-7055


Services Offered
  • Animal Communication

  • Energy Healing

  • Bring to Light  Innate Wisdom

  • Empathy and Encouragement

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