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Services Offered

Animal Communication

I am an Animal and Nature Communicator certified through The Sedona School for Animal and Nature Communication with Maia Kincaid, Phd. for 5 years and I continue to benefit from her mentorship. I first learned animal communication from Beatrice Lydecker and have studied the teachings of several animal communication teachers over the years.

I am happy to communicate with your animal companions telepathically, answer questions you may have regarding their wishes, health and to share any message they may have for you. This includes communication with animal companions who have transitioned. Animal Communication can serve to ease any worries and strengthen your current connection with pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge, affirming that they remain with us in spirit.

Energy Healing

I practice energy healing that flows from grounding, breathing and attuning in order to receive information from the person or animal and allowing the energy of Love to flow freely through me. 


I have received training in a variety of energy healing modalities including Reiki, EFT, Body Talk and Donna Eden's Energy Medicine as well as important training and guidance I have received from my cats.

Energy medicine can be used to bring about greater mental, emotional and physical well being for you and your animal companions.

Energy healing sessions are tailored to each client's comfort and specific needs.


I offer empathy and assist people in drawing out their own innate wisdom. I am enthusiastic about empowering others to get unstuck, live authentically, manifest their dreams and increase joy, fun and sense of confidence.

I have education, training and experience in counseling: facilitating communication, conflict resolution and problem solving.

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