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Animal Communication

30 minutes  -  $ 90.00

45 minutes  -  $140.00

60 minutes  -  $150.00

90 minutes  -  $225.00

Energy Healing

Initial Session:                                                           $150.00

Follow-Up Consultations for same issue:             $ 75.00


Initial Session - 60 minutes:                                    $150.00

Follow-Up Consultations for same issue:             $ 75.00


Not all animal communicators can connect and listen at the level of Spirit that Joan does.

I feel she went to great lengths to meet my needs and help me as soon as possible.

Life’s mysteries may be such that you can’t always have all your questions answered, but the beautifully loving messages Joan communicated warmed

my withered heart and, most significantly, I was able to feel connected to my transitioned pet again.

Joan also connected with my other remaining cat, and that helped put my

mind and heart at ease as well. The emotional pain became more manageable and I felt like I could breathe again. I appreciated that Joan wasn't preachy or dogmatic either… Joan, I'd be in a very different space had we never spoken and I thank you so much.

JH from CA

My initial contact with Joan was to see if my older dog was still happy and pain free or if there were things that I could do for him. Within the week he had passed away unbeknownst to Joan. She had connected with him before his death. It was comforting to hear that he was happy while he was with us and to know that he was now in a better place. Joan was able to share his spirit and stubbornness with me through her description of his character and she was spot on. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for a connection with their pet.

MM from MT

Your counseling was a huge benefit to me. I talk to Moby [my dog] daily and am confident he watches over me. Of course I still miss his physical presence. However, I am confident we will be together again. You are the one who gave me that confidence. 

TB from OR

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