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Ponderings from the Path - Curiosity


Holding the Balance

I have begun to question my belief that I need to change something (planet, humanity, myself) that may be perfect as is for the learning experience it provides. Maybe the ticket is to learn, graduate and move on to an experience of greater love. I have felt urged to focus on personal transformation, to resolve feelings and conflict WITHIN rather than ask what is the universe trying to teach me rather than what do I need to change in order not to be uncomfortable or experience suffering. I keep being compelled to focus on grounding and expressing love; to be aware when I am in fear, return to calm and trust in Source/Nature/Love. I am reminded to have compassion for the limitations of my (and others) humanity...realizing that negative and positive exist within us and within the universe and be able to hold the opposites in creative tension, realizing that the goal is not to eradicate one and enthrone the other, but to keep the energies in balance in order to thrive and be healthy. I find it essential to reach for resource in order to maintain this balance and to, with support, be willing and able to be humbled, to dive into the darkness of feelings and experience in order to restore balance and calm. In so doing I am constantly awed and inspired; trust and confidence my own innate wisdom and in aligning with Source grows in me. I feel stronger in inner convictions and less drawn to the desire to "fit in" and align with popular norms and memes. I value the connection with all life and realize the illusion of value of wealth and power.

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